COVID-19 Immunity Study


Our plan is to screen 1000 people by mid-April for the presence of antibodies which recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These (potentially) immune people will form a valuable Volunteer force to assist our health care workers on the front lines. But the surge in patients is coming soon. The faster we act, the more lives we will save. That is why we need your help now.

A 2 minute video explaining the study can be found at our GoFundMe site, where you can learn more and donate!


The study plan outline is available here: COVID-19 PDF

To volunteer your time call 774-249-1566 or email

The Massachusetts community is responding to assist us! We are creating a website to organize this effort and provide more detailed information. We will provide the link here as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting!

Cathy and Gary McNeil, Founders, Smart Animal, Inc. (SAI)

This study has been all-consuming and for this reason activity on the website will be suspended until the completion of the testing. We appreciate your understanding.

This study was designed and supported by SAI on a volunteer, non-profit basis. Funds raised are being collected and tracked separately and are in no way associated with the finances of SAI.

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