Smart Animal is a Revolutionary Research Company with Innovative Alternatives to Personalized Medicine.













Our goal is to develop quality, cost effective medical devices to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions in companion animals. 

Smart Animal is taking an innovative approach to bring the world of immunotherapy and diagnostics together.  We recognize that the body has the innate ability to target a response to almost every invading pathogen or biological aberration that it encounters.  Natural defenses succeed in defeating over 99% of these conditions using the most sophisticated array of tools known to mankind, from the ability to regenerate tissues, to the adaptive immune response.  And for cases where these responses are not enough, Smart Animal is there to help the patient help themselves, by temporarily modifying and enhancing these responses to bring this success rate back to 100% again.

The treatment is as individual as the patient.  The body knows what to do.  It just needs to do it better, and we can help.  Our goal is for a future where patient care is a personal affair.



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